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At the moment life is a bit of a roller coaster due to the virus. It is unlikely that the outlet at Lyme Antique Centre will stay open. But we will see and will keep you informed. In the meantime if you are looking for any tool - let us know by email, text, etc., and we will see what we can do. Postal and courier services are still running as of now.
Keep yourselves safe, follow the guidelines and relax. The other day we did a lovely walk up on Beer Cliffs, bit cold and a strong east wind. But beautiful views. Next time we go back ( plenty of distancing room!) I will take my camera. Today we walked on the cliffs above Axmouth. Beautiful views, lovely sunny weather.

Take care.





Gerry Dawson

We moved down to Devon from Bucks in the autumn of 1976 - the hot summer. In May 1977 we moved into Colyton. We had two children at this stage - Emma and Paul -and there is a saying new house - new children and guess what? and Andrew & Chloe came along. We lived in the heart of Colyton for 20 years - a great community in which to grow a family. Gerry became interested in tools when I (Carol) bought a chestful at an auction. We had a stall in Bridport market (another great place) and from that stall first came The Tool Box in Colyton and then after 10 years or so that was sold and we had another larger business in Salisbury - Pennyfarthing Tools. We sold that business in 2004 and shortly after we commenced trading on the Internet but also from a large retail unit in Lyme Regis Antique & Craft Centre. The Lyme Centre is now closed until further notice.

Gerry is always out buying tools. I am busy with the website, etc. We have customers all over the world and some of them have become good friends that we value.

Gerry is an avid Q.P.R. fan and until three years ago a Seaton Ticket holder.

We have four much loved children and we have four beloved grandchildren - two boys and two beautiful girls. Jake: 14 years, Miller: 11 years, Summer: 8 years and Isobel: 8 years.


Two things close to our hearts, if you have some change in your purse, please send a donation to one of the charities on the right. But also read about Meningitis and Asperger Syndrome.
I have found it very useful and informative.

Meningococcal Septicaemia

When our first grandson was 10 months old - a very healthy, happy little boy - he became very poorly one Sunday morning and by the evening was diagnosed with severe meningitis and septicaemia. Somehow he hung on to life, was rushed to the Cosmic Unit at St. Mary's, Paddington by a brilliant recovery team and against all odds survived. He is now again a happy boy but with long term effects to live with.

Jake is now 15 and is having ongoing treatment at Bristol Childrens Hospital to correct damage to the growth platelets in his legs by the disease.

Both the COSMIC Unit and the Meningitis Research Foundation do a brilliant job but desperately need funds for research and to support those who have not been lucky. On each site there is a link for donations. Please, please make yourselves familiar with the symptoms of Meningitis (and the 24 hour helpline). Meningitis strikes all ages, the effects are devastating and it is very, very fast. Know your child and follow your instincts - better to make a fuss and be in error than to lose a loved one.


Again, please make yourself familiar with Aspergers/Autism.

Miller, our twelve year old grandson, has to deal with Autism/Aspergers. What is it? It is a condition on the autistic spectrum. It manifests in individual ways and can have both positive and negative effects on a person's life. So a person with Aspergers is more likely to desire social acceptance, but may be unable to mediate social interactions because they can't read social cues or body language from people around them.

Aspergers is mostly a 'hidden disability'. You can't tell that someone has the condition from their outward appearance. People with the condition can have difficulties in three main areas: social communication, social interaction and social imagination.

A lot for Miller and his parents to deal with but he does well, has friends and enjoys his football. Belongs to a club and supports QPR! (Granddad has been a QPR fan since the age of 7!).

If you want more details Asperger Syndrome is very helpful.



St. Marys Hospital

Meningitis Research Foundation

Asperger Syndrome /
National Autism Org.

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