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If you want to contact us then 01297 23826 is our landline and 079710521744 is Gerry's mobile number and mine is 07375 566533.

We met family and their family at the Symondsbury Kitchen near Bridport Sunday 8th. A great place - spacious, good food, brilliant staff. If I had any comment I think a bit more time before our lunch was served so we could have a glass of wine and natter and possibly slightly larger portions! Then we wandered around Symondsbury and could only step back and enjoy the whereabouts. Well worth a visit and almost a step back in time.
The weather is warming up and our area at The Vintage Shed is full - and we do have some lovely garden tools. I have just started to do a few things in the garden and especially have to look at the herbs we have. I cook with herbs and it is great if you can pick them in the garden.

If you are down our way come and visit us at The Vintage Shed, Colyton, and / or Lyme Regis Antique & Craft Centre on the Esplanade at Lyme.

Anyhow, if you are in the area, come and see us. Tell us what you are looking for.

Christmas was chaotic and fun. Hopefully the wet and windy months are past and everything is moving towards Spring.
So come and have a look round our two Retail Outlets - The Vintage Shed in Colyton (open 7 days a week) and Lyme Antique & Craft Centre also 7 days a week .
Below we have put two items - not our usual range - but found when we were clearing through things. I think they will probably go to the Vintage Shed.

ITT Stereo Headphones. Model SKH8. Probably the same era but again not really used - still in their plastic and box. .

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Two items a bit out of our normal but found when clearing through stuff.
A Cannon Sure Shoot (1982) - just opened, never used.

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