second hand tools

Seaton, Devon, England


Sunday 2 September

Yesterday with four friends we went down to Seaton Carnival

Fantastic. Once it got duskier and the Carnival Procession got going there were so many people
and really a great deal of fun and enjoyment.
Congratulations to the people who give their free time to managing such events.
Afterwards we went to Le Pisani - a new restaurant at 1 Fore Street.
Very good food, the new building, the staff, the surroundings are brilliant.
Really, really good.
Try it.

Saturday 1 September

Just put a Stanley 71 Router Plane and a Record 071 Router Plane on the site.
Neither has been used and both from the 60's / 70's period.
Very popular planes and of course our price includes U.K. postage

We are always changing & updating the stock in our secondhandtools area in The Vintage Shed.

Stuff comes in, someone purchases and out it goes,
When you are in our area park your car (lots of parking) and have a look round.
The Vintage Shed can offer more than tools and you can always take a tram trip to Seaton!.


Sunday 26 August
Yesterday, Saturday, we had a few hours off from 'secondhand tools'.
Daughter & granddaughter had a really good hot chocolate in the cafe at the Colyton end of the Tramway and we met them off the tram in Seaton.
Half an hour or so of Dinosaur Golf at Seafield Gardens, Seaton, a picnic lunch down at The Estuary, Axmouth,
Bit windy but low tide and so many birds (yes, quite a lot were seagulls!).
Interesting to see the estuary from The Axmouth side or from the tram.
A different view than from The Wetlands
Today is wet and cold but if you are looking for a (hot) snack or lunch then the Tramway Cafes
(Colyton end and Seaton end) have good food and good value.

And when the weather is dry the Dinosaur Golf at Seafield Gardens is good fun.

If you are visitng the Vintage Shed you will find upstairs a large room full of Vinyl, and DVD's, CD's etc.
Spacious, well set out and with a lot to offer.

The Official Name is East Devon Vintage Vinyl. i am sure that will get abbreviated!
But there is a lot there - Bowie, The Stones, Beach Boys, Beetles, etc. Hip, hop, rock and roll, Jazz,
You name it. .... Better still go and visit.

I walked down the fields to Colyford yesterday and there is now a great bikers shop/cafe.
Excellent coffee, tea, cold drinks and delicious selection of cakes.
Plus of course pre owned bikes, new bikes, and all kinds of bikers clothing.
This shop/cafe is well worth a visit. Not a lot of parking outside but then of course it is a biker's cafe!
Find it on Facebook and that will you tell you everything you need to know.

But before you go walking, tramming or whatever stop at the tool areas in The Vintage Shed
If you are looking for a particular tool phone us first. We might have what you are looking for in our store.