second hand tools

Seaton, Devon, England



If you are visitng the Vintage Shed you will find upstairs a large room full of Vinyl, and DVD's, CD's etc.
Spacious, well set out and with a lot to offer.

The Official Name is East Devon Vintage Vinyl. i am sure that will get abbreviated!
But there is a lot there - Bowie, The Stones, Beach Boys, Beetles, etc. Hip, hop, rock and roll, Jazz,
You name it. .... Better still go and visit.

I walked down the fields to Colyford yesterday and there is now a great bikers shop/cafe.
Excellent coffee, tea, cold drinks and delicious selection of cakes.
Plus of course pre owned bikes, new bikes, and all kinds of bikers clothing.
This shop/cafe is well worth a visit. Not a lot of parking outside but then of course it is a biker's cafe!
Find it on Facebook and that will you tell you everything you need to know.

But before you go walking, tramming or whatever stop at the tool areas in The Vintage Shed
If you are looking for a particular tool phone us first. We might have what you are looking for in our store.